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On the day that you say “I do”, you need to look more than your usual beautiful self. That is why you must put on the right cosmetics and sport a hair style that will complement your dress. You also need to wear the appropriate accessories that will finish off the look that you want to achieve.

But before you can start putting together your full ensemble, ample preparation has to be made. So, prior to the application of the bridal makeup, you need to do the following six months in advance:

  • You must exfoliate your skin regularly. Doing so will not only brighten your complexion, but turn you into a real blushing bride as well. Some of the beauty products that you can use include facial scrub, brushes, and wash cloth. You should also use a face mask that is designed for your skin type.
  • You should keep your face hydrated at all times. Aside from drinking ample supply of water, you should also use a multi-functional moisturiser. Your best bet is a product that contains antioxidants and SPF. If you are prone to acne, look for an oil-free formula.
  • You need to give extra attention to your eyes. The skin around them is more delicate and thinner than other areas, which is why you must care for it properly. To ensure that you would look radiant on the big day, you must apply a good eye cream.

Of course, when it is time to do your bridal makeup, you should skip the toner, lotion, and other items that would come between your skin and the cosmetics. Doing so will help keep the colours in place even if you get sweaty. On a last note, you should settle for nothing but the best makeup artist on your special day.

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