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It is true that a bride is the most beautiful woman on her big day. But that concept does not happen without any effort. That is why if you want to have that picture-perfect appearance, you need to follow certain strategies to look undeniably fabulous.

Now, as you gear up for the big day, you might find yourself facing questions about how to look fabulous. So, here are the answers to those questions.

Can I get a bridal hair and make-up trial?

Certainly, you could. This is why Zahida offers this service to make sure you can decide which look complements your best asset.

Here are some tips on what to do before you book your trial:

  • It is best to get your reservation taken care of once you have chosen your dress and your veil, because the colour of blush and eye-shadow to be applied depends entirely on your bridal gown. And to ensure that everything you put on complements your style, take a picture of your bridal dress and take it with you on the day of your schedule appointment.
  • Magazines offer a huge collection of the latest make-up trends. You could use them to help you collect photos of different styles you would want to wear. Then, you and your make-up artist can discuss which one best complements the contours of your face and skin tone.
  • Moisturise your skin daily. As it happens, there is a huge difference between applying foundation directly on your bare skin and smoothing one over a well-hydrated skin. In other words, using a moisturiser as your base will give you a smooth and flawless finish.

How should I look?

As the bride, you are the star of the crowd. And it is important to keep your radiance bursting throughout the day. So, to make you look fabulous get the services of an experienced bridal make-up artist. If you are having problems with the condition of your hair, maybe visit a women hair loss clinic in Belfast. Even without doing research, you will get the look that will enhance your beauty even more.

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