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You have been dreaming of getting married for quite some time. Now that you have gotten engaged, locating a site for the big event is the next step to completing your wedding plans. Deciding on the venue is crucial as where you tie the knot would dictate how the rest of the requirements will be planned out.

Some key factors should be considered beforehand include:

  1. Budget
  2. Knowing up to how much you are willing to spend would help you short-list potential venues early on. Be realistic. The biggest mistake that couples commit is getting carried away by the wedding theme that they sometimes refuse to bend a little. Wanting to impress the guests is human nature, but this should not limit your choices to the expensive options that would leave you with a debt. A practical deal would be a balance between affordability and space.

  3. Number of Guests
  4. Knowing how many guests will attend would determine if a potential venue could accommodate all of them. No amount of well-wishing could make the walls of your site expand to accommodate additional guests. To be on the safe side, predetermine the number of attendees, and then add 50 heads to the estimated number.

  5. Date and Time
  6. When will the wedding ceremony going to be held. Even if you are set to tie the knot during the summertime, expect the weather to change all of a sudden. Having a back-up plan is better than being drenched in the rain. When getting married in winter, the venue should be warm and comfortable for everyone in attendance.

  7. Theme
  8. More than anything, a perfectly chosen venue will translate your planned motif into reality.

    For whimsical fairy-tale themes, natural trees and the outdoors are the best options. Vintage weddings can be held inside old churches or along a creek. Dessert-themed nuptials should be performed indoors so additional space is available where you can set up portable objects like giant sweets, life-size gingerbread houses, etc.

With careful selection, you would have a place to celebrate your nuptial just the way you want it. In the event that you use public areas for a venue, make sure to refer to local agencies as these may need special licenses.

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